Francesca Verardo graduated in Architecture in Venice. During the university years she cultivates her interest in pottery and follows, in parallel with the academic studies, many masters courses with Italian and International ceramic artists. In 2003 she attends the first course of modeling with Letizia Maggio, and participates in classes of Pietro Elia Maddalena, Terry Davies and Luca Tripaldi at the International School of Ceramics “La Meridiana”.

In 2012 the meeting with David Roberts and raku pottery. It’s the time for experimenting forms and techniques very similar to her training as an architect, that lead her to open a pottery workshop in 2013 in her lands of origin, a small town in the North East of Italy immersed in the countryside. Her first productions are tied to contemporary jewellery and a reading of raku pottery in a minimalist and essential key, giving life to collections in black and white, that recall the tones of the smoke, with few and careful concessions to the color.

Oriented in design for training, Francesca Verardo draws and experiences forms related to the circle, the square and the line: a design rightaway clean, geometric and elegant.Next to the ceramic jewellery, she designs the “polyhedral vases”, a study for a sculptural polygonal and irregular form, but carefully balanced, developed by casting in ceramic as well as in stoneware according to different finishes of colour and surface. The “polyhedral vessels” are inspired by the world of architecture and follow the idea of a vase made of many vases, looking always different depending on the side they are placed and the point of view they are seen.

Francesca Verardo continues her research, between the folds of craft and design, continually experimenting with new materials and compositions. She currently spends most of hes work in porcelain, combined with lustres of precious metals such as gold and platinum, finely painted by hand and cooked in third fire. Fascinated by ceramics because they contain a knowledge evolved over the centuries, she tries to rapresent in her work the formal and decorative aspects of contemporaneity.

All creations by Francesca Verardo are hand made with care and attention to detail in her workshop in Italy.




Competition “Feeding the future. Energies from tradition”, mention of the jury, Milan Expo 2015.

Prize “Maurizio Lucchetta” as business that best represented the Pordenone handicraft in the region, in Italy and abroad, Confartigianato Imprese Pordenone 2015.

First prize “Vera Dajht Kralj” at MIKS 14, International Exhibition of ceramics and glass, Zagreb 2014.



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