Unique, entirely hand-crafted ceramic objects.

Each piece is made of clay subjected to double firing, according to the Raku technique, through a long procedure and several surface treatments.
The extraction of the ceramic hot from the kiln (between 700 and 950 degrees Celsius), and the consequent smoking process with sawdust and withered leaves, produce small variations in the perceptiotn of shape and color, considered a virtue of manual labor and a guarantee of exclusivity.

Francesca Verardo was born in Pordenone in 1983.
An architect by profession, she began her artistic training as a ceramist in 2003 through an intensive series of courses with renowned contemporary artists.
She devotes her current research to contemporary jewelry, working both ceramic and porcelain.
She is particularly interested in raku and naked raku techniques, fascinated by the quality of the smoking process that these techniques can provide, along with various treatments applied to the surfaces.
Her work is exhibited in many shops and galleries in Italy, Europe and Australia.

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