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Home Decor by Francesca Verardo

Light, like the impalpable fabric from which they are moulded. The Stratigrafia plates, a new home decor collection, are made through a complex technique of casting, entirely handcrafted. Each trace of work leaves its mark, layer on layer, color on color, according to a refined pattern of folds, always different, that makes each piece really unique.

Stratigrafia formally recalls the flow of water, such as the diffraction of the waves into a mountain lake or the waves of the sea that follow themselves on the beach.

The Home Decor by Francesca Verardo is also presented in this collection through essential lines, with contemporary and clean design but at the same time sinuous and enveloping, where the geometry and the straight lines of the polyhedric vases leave for the soft curves of an increasingly thin and translucent porcelain.

The stratification of overlapping porcelain layers of different tones give the collection a fragile but solid appearance.
The dishes and bowls are hand-made in thin and translucent porcelain fired at 1250° C.

A new design product in its formal and crafty research, a unique and precious item for those who love to surround themselves with beauty and culture.

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