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I Flessi – A brand new design for vases

The beginning of 2018 sees the birth of a new and important collection of ceramic vases.
The project starts from the will to focus on the surface of the material, with the aim of making it expressive through unpublished processes that can create a unique and contemporary design, faithful to my style.
“Flesso”, in mathematics, is the point where a curve changes its direction. In their form, the Flessi show a continuous succession of concave and convex, a constant change of direction defined by the incessant alternation of light and shadow, that touch or fill their veins.
The evolution of this new project, from a complex construction, has taken me into its synthesis to a form capable of evoking other forms, attracting other suggestions and at the same time defining something new.
A collection of vases that will be recognizable and essential at the same time.
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